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Windsong Glass Studio

Commissioned Stained Glass Panels - Five Wacky Panels

$ 999.00

Carefree.  Contemporary.  Complementary.  With that design guidance from my customer, I set off on a new adventure.

These five panels are now at home in a custom headboard!  Now, that's thinking outside the box.  What fun it was to be involved in this escapade!

Five Wacky Panels is a unique design but repeats the stained glass colors and some of the textures for cohesion.

Dimensions:  6"w x 24"h each

Construction:  Tiffany foil construction with copper wire accents.  Black patina makes the colors pop.  Zinc frames.

Time to craft:  4-6 weeks

Interested in custom stained glass art for your home?  Just send me a note with your thoughts.  Please include needed size, hanging or installed, and area where needed (areas with exposure to humidity need to be leaded/puttied). 

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