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Stained glass art has come a long ways from its earliest days as religious art.  Stained glass windows were, and still are, a way to inspire and tell stories.  As a stained glass artist, I often try to tell stories with my work.  Whether it's a hanging glass window panel, whimsical garden decoration, 3D sculpture, or religious suncatcher, you'll find art inspired by the beauty of nature. 

Sometimes I'll go by a design I've drawn; at other times, I'll just let the glass lead me to the final creation.  As a result, my pieces are a mixture of the refined and the totally carefree.  In each piece, though, I try to capture the spirit and joy of this beautiful world of ours, telling stories as I go along.

I hope you'll enjoy browsing around Windsong Glass Studio.  If you have a story you'd like told in glass, please let me know.  I welcome custom orders. 


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