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Custom 3D Mixed Media Art - Stained Glass Wall Art - 'Between the Lines'

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    This large custom stained glass 3D wall art was inspired by the colors in a Jackson Pollock piece owned by my client.  Unlike the swirls of Pollock's art, this piece gets its movement from the different planes in which each piece of glass finds itself. 

    'Between the Lines' contemporary stained glass sculpture is an eye puzzle. Follow the lines to find colorful glass suspended in different planes and even at angles rather than the usual singular dimension of stained glass panels.

    Incorporating stained glass art in your home can take many forms.  From a traditional hanging window panel to this 3D art, stained glass adds color, texture, and so much interest to home decor.

    If you like this art but need a different size or colors of stained glass, let's discuss.  Send me a note with your ideas and we'll begin.

    Dimensions:  62"w x 30"h x 3"d

    Construction:  Stained glass encased in zinc frames and soldered to brass and aluminum frame.  Black finish highlights intricate metal work and colors and textures of glass.

    Time to craft:  10 to 12 weeks



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