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Stained Glass Memorial Gifts --'Stars'

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    Anniversary gifts.  Birthday gifts.  Retirement gifts.  Stained glass garden sculptures from Windsong Glass Studio have been given for years to celebrate special occasions.  Sometimes, though, they are given as memorial remembrance gifts.

    'Stars' stained glass garden art was designed and crafted as the result of a special request.  How fitting as the stars are always shining down upon us, simply waiting for day to fade into night. 

    Dimensions:  4"w x 32"h, including 7" to plant.  The glass section is 25"h.

    Construction:  Stained glass, bevels, and nuggets are soldered to a brass frame.  Both the blue and clear glass are iridescent to hint of other subtle colors.  After washing, black patina is applied to outline the glass.  Finally, the art is waxed and polished to a nice shine.

    I'm happy to include a handwritten message if this is being mailed.  Just send me a note.

    Ships with planting instructions.

    Time to craft:  2-3 weeks




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