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Stained Glass Garden Art in Vivid Rainbow Colors - Retro Rainbow

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    My favorite gardens to visit are those that don't take themselves too seriously.  Stained glass garden decorations can certainly help keep any garden from getting too serious.  Especially 'Retro Rainbow' garden stake with its fun take on mid-century design.  Crafted with stained glass in all the colors of the rainbow, this garden art is just seriously fun.

    These Stained Glass Outdoor Sculptures are so eye-catching.  Plant near shrubs where you want a punch of color.  Or use as a focal point in  a sun-soaked garden where watering is a problem.  Lots of color with no work!

    Dimensions:  4"w x 32"h, including 7" to plant.

    Construction:  Stained glass is soldered to a solid brass frame.  Black patina makes the colors pop.  Each is waxed and polished to a high shine.

    As with all my unique garden art, this was designed with lots of open space so the wind will be no bother.

    Time to craft: 1-2 weeks

    Ships with planting instructions


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