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Religious Stained Glass Window - 'Hope for a Broken World'

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     Hope for a Broken World panel has two types of glass...'calm' waterglass immediately surrounding the cross and 'broken' glass beyond the oval 'divide'.

    This Stained Glass Cross Panel both tells a story and invites you to take time for meditation.

    Dimensions:  8"w x 12"h

    The cross itself is beveled glass and casts different colors in the changing light.  Because both surrounding glasses are iridescent, they shimmer green, blue, and pink in the sunlight. Black patina and polish immediately ages the piece and preserves its beauty. So pretty.

    Construction:  The panel is made with lead came and has been puttied so you can hang it on your porch away from strong winds or hang it indoors in a favorite window. It is framed in zinc, has two hangers soldered into the zinc, and comes with 24" black chain.

    Please note:  I will soon be listing this with clear, not iridescent glass, as both textures of this glass have been discontinued in iridescent stained glass and I have limited inventory.

    What a thoughtful gift for a birthday or wedding. Maybe even something you could treasure yourself.

    Time to craft: 4-6 weeks

    Religious Stained Glass Window -  &
    Religious Stained Glass Window
    Stained Glass Cross Panel
    windsong glass studio Religious Glass Art
    Religious Stained Glass Window -  &