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Large Stained Glass Outdoor Sculpture - 'Garden Blues'

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    Sometimes you need outdoor glass art that makes a statement.  A BIG statement.  'Garden Blues' towers over flower beds and will stop those meandering along garden paths in their tracks.  This stained glass garden sculpture commands attention.

    Adding art to your garden decor adds visual interest as well as color that does year-round duty.  These shades of blue range from sky blue to aqua and teal to navy.  Since each piece of glass has a different texture, the colors seem to change in intensity as the sun passes by.

    Intricate metal work in a repeating grid design adds more interest and structure to this mixed-media metal and glass art.  Inspiration for this grid pattern came from my love of Frank Lloyd Wright's Prairie School of Design work. 

    Dimensions:   App 16" W x 71"h, including 12" to plant plus 2" overhang on each side.  Glass section is 15" W x 57" H.

    Construction:  Stained glass is wrapped in lead came and soldered to a steel and brass frame.  The frame is black and has a clear lacquer finish.

    Pictures:  I had to stand on the higher rungs of a ladder to photograph 'Garden Blues' outdoors without losing the top half in background leaves.  The art appears smaller than it is.  It is a commanding 71" tall when looking 'face to art'!

    Time to Craft:  8-10 weeks

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