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Stained Glass Garden Sculpture with Nautical Theme Design - 'Tidal Pool'

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    When the tides goes out, sometimes small tidal pools are left behind.  This glass garden art captures teal seaweed, frothy bubbles, and blue water in a free-flowing sculpture. 

    These Stained Glass Garden Stakes are at home among bedding plants or when providing a focal point among the greenery of the landscape. 

    Dimensions:  5.5"w x 34"h, including 7" to plant

    Construction:  Copper foiled stained glass, glass nuggets, and glass wiggles are carefully soldered to brass rods.  Black patina applied to make colors pop.

    As with all my original art, this garden decoration was designed with plenty of open space so the wind would be no bother.

    Time to craft:  4-6 weeks

    Ships with planting instructions


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