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Glass Yard Sculpture in Vivid Blue and Orange Stained Glass - 'Yippee!'

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    Finished weeding?  'Yippee!'

    Now that the chores are done, you can relax and enjoy your new stained glass garden stake.  This whimsical garden sculpture is just plain fun to view. 

    Decorative Glass Garden Stakes are a quick remedy for a garden that needs a little tender loving care.  Let it perk up that expanse of evergreens around your home.  Or, plant in a dry river bed for a punch of color. 

    Need a special occasion gift?  These stained glass garden stakes are great gifts for gardeners! 

    Dimensions:  4"w x 32"h, including 7" to plant

    Construction:  Stained glass and glass nuggets are soldered to a solid brass frame. Black patina highlights the glass.  Waxed and polished to a high shine.

    As with all my original glass garden stakes, this was designed with lots of open space so the wind would be no bother.

    Ships in 1-2 weeks

    Ships with planting instructions

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