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'Exotic Flowers'---Metal Glass Wall Art

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    Stained glass wall art acquires a totally new aesthetic when it is fused and mounted on an aluminum backboard.  Immediately change the focus of your room when you add an abstract fused glass wall art hanging,

    These 'Exotic Flowers' are by no means wall flowers.  Brilliant purple and orange/yellow dichroic glass petals top some of the many rare flowers in this art.

    Dimensions:  10 in W x 24 in H x 2 in D

    Construction:   Stained glass along with dichroic elements and decorative glass accents are fused and annealed then mounted on 1.5" H standoffs to an aluminum backboard.  The aluminum has been lightly brushed in a fluid manner to mimic the lines in the glass art.  Four hangers have been welded to the back corners on all panels to allow for easily changing views.

    Ships in 3-5 business days.

    Thanks so much for visiting Windsong Glass Studio.

    Exotic Flowers fused glass wall art
    Windsong Glass Studio glass art
    fused glass wall hanging by Windsong Glass Studio
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