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Windsong Glass Studio

Decorative Stained Glass Garden Stake - Early Morn

$ 229.00

Before the dawn truly breaks, there are hints of the day to come.  Hear the sounds of nature stirring as sleepy songbirds chirp, not fully awake to sing in full concert voices.  These are among the special moments of Early Morn.

These stained glass garden decorations are my efforts to capture the amazing beauty of nature in glass art.  Enjoy them from early morn to the end of the day, season after season.

Dimensions:  4.5" w x 32"h, including 7" to plant

From the many notes I've received from my customers, Windsong Glass Studio Garden Sculptures are among the top gifts for the gardeners on their lists.  Consider as a gift for grandma or grandpa the next time a birthday or anniversary rolls around.

Time to craft: 1-2 weeks

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