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Contemporary Stained Glass Art for Bird Lovers 'Tree Swallow'

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    This 'Tree Swallow' stained glass bird looks radiant perched among glass nuggets in all the colors of the rainbow.

    A beautifully contemporary stained glass art work for your home.

    Dimensions:  12" round

    Construction:  The swallow has an iridescent white crinkle glass body with blue art glass wings.  Both the swallow and all those colorful nuggets were copper foiled and soldered.  Twisted and hammered wires unify everything with the metal ring.  An application of black patina highlights the colors.

    Ships with 24" black chain.

    Time to craft: 4-6 weeks

    Cardinals.  Blue birds.  Goldfinches.  These are all waiting for their chance to be honored in a stained glass panel like 'Tree Swallow'.  And, who can blame them!  Drop me a note if you have a favorite bird you'd like in a similar panel.    


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