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Windsong Glass Studio

Contemporary Abstract Stained Glass Window or Wall Art

$ 699.00

 Garden Paradise is a place where the sun always shines, the sky is always blue, and the flowers bloom in all the colors of the rainbow.

These Decorative Stained Glass Windows go beyond traditional concepts in design for stained glass art. 

With lots of open space, it has a decidedly light and airy feel. Yet with its sturdy construction, it can easily become a treasured family heirloom.

Dimensions: 32"w x 12"h

Construction: Whimsically hand cut pieces of stained glass and glass nuggets were foiled and soldered to an aluminum and brass frame which I shaped and crafted. The piece is finished in black patina, waxed, and polished. Two hangers will be soldered around the frame in the corners.

I'll craft your "Garden Paradise" using this original design and current selections of the same stained glass.  Let me know when you place your order if you'd like me to concentrate on specific favorite colors.  These wildflowers can be any color you'd like!

Ships with 24" black chain

Time to craft:  4-6 weeks



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