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Commissioned Stained Glass Art - Sidelight with Rainbow Colors

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    This sidelight has hundreds of stained glass nuggets and jewels in every color of the rainbow.  The colors radiate from the descending dove with all colors represented in both the top and bottom. Unbelievable color as the sun marches across the sky.

    Commissioned Stained Glass Art inspired by a church panel.

    I named it Dove

    Dimensions:  7"w x 47"h

    Construction:  Stained glass, glass nuggets, and jewels were copper foiled and soldered to twisted and hammered wires and brass frame.  Black patina accents the colors.

    If you would like to have a unique stained glass window, sidelight, or transom crafted for your home, just send me a note.  I'll look forward to working with you.

    Time to construct:  6-8 weeks

    Commissioned Stained Glass Art -  Sidelight with Rainbow Colors
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