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Windsong Glass Studio

Glass Flower Garden Art -'Family Flowers'

$ 1,199.00

Custom stained glass garden art makes wonderful and unique gifts for gardeners.  Birthdays.  Anniversary celebrations.  Each is an occasion worthy of Family Flowers garden sculpture.

With the drawing assistance of a loving nephew, I crafted this custom garden stake for a favorite aunt's milestone birthday.  Mom said 'Go for it'  and I did.  (I love working from drawings as these make the art even more special to the recipient!)

This Family Flower represents a large family.  Each leaf symbolizes a brother and each flower a sister surrounded by the love of their late father (moon) and mother (sun).  

Dimensions:  9"w x 44"h, including 9" to plant.

Construction:  Stained glass and glass nuggets were wrapped in lead came and soldered to a steel and brass frame.  Decorative painted wire accents add even more color and fun.

Make the next milestone event in your family even more memorable by giving the gift of a custom stained glass garden sculpture from Windsong Glass Studio. 

Time to craft:  6-8 weeks

Ships with planting instructions

Ready to start?  Just send me a note with the pertinent details and we'll begin.


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