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Stained Glass Yard Sculpture - 'Garden Talk'

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    I admit that I'm one who talks to my flowers.  It's nice to share opinions with my flowers for they always nod in agreement. 

    This decorative glass garden stake reminds me of hieroglyphics on a cave wall.  I think we're speaking the same language, enjoying our 'Garden Talk'.

    Consider planting several stained glass garden sculptures around your yard this year.  They add height among mounding flowers and so much pattern and color. 

    Dimensions:  4" w x 32"h, including 7" to plant.  Glass section is 25"h

    Construction:  Stained glass is soldered to a solid brass frame.  Black patina is applied to make the colors pop.  Each is waxed and polished to a high sheen.

    As with all my garden art, this airy design allows the wind to be no concern.

    Time to Craft:  2-3 weeks

    Ships with planting instructions

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