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Stained Glass Yard Art for your Garden Decor - 'Periwinkle Flower Complement'

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    Constantly blooming flowers no matter the weather.  Add a bunch of flowers to brighten your garden decor.

    These Modern Garden Sculptures add height to flower beds and pleasing color anywhere they are planted.  Being real stained glass, not painted glass, colors remain true season after season.

    Dimensions:  8"w x 32h, including 7" to plant

    Construction:  Copper foiled glass and nuggets soldered to a steel and brass frame.  Designed so that the winds would be no concern.

    Time to craft:  4-6 weeks

    You'll also see both a 4.5" x 32" 'Periwinkle Flower' standing alongside it's complement in the final picture.  The pair is available for $569and would take 4-6 weeks for me to craft. Send me a note if you'd like the pair.

    Stained Glass Yard Art for your Garden Decor - &
    Stained Glass Yart Art
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