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Windsong Glass Studio

Stained Glass Window Treatment with Copper Accents - 'Coppery Fall'

$ 329.00

What can you do when you want some color and interest at your windows, but you're not really a 'curtain person'? Hang a stained glass panel instead!  Mustard, sage, nutmeg, coriander, eggplant, and thyme colored stained glass in strong textures add weight to any window.

These unique Stained Glass Window Decorations add a new dimension to stained glass art.  Form and function blend creating a new look for your home decor.

Dimensions:  9"H x 16"w

Construction:  Root beer glass nuggets swim in pools of solder around copper foiled stained glass.  For interest and dimension, I twisted copper wires and tack-soldered them to the copper frame that completes the look. Copper patina warms all the solder for a unified look.

This stained glass window panel could almost pass for a piece of fabric! So, now you CAN have a glass curtain hanging in your window. Voila!

Over time, the copper will darken to a rich copper color that will be beautiful with these stained glass colors.

Time to craft:  4-6 weeks

Included with the panel will be 24" of copper jack chain.

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