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Windsong Glass Studio

Round Stained Glass Window - 'Moon Shine'

$ 249.00

Stained glass window decoration that reflects the fascination of moon gazing.  This happy man in the moon grins at twinkling stars dotting the night sky.  Red moons, blue moons, new moons, full moons--each holds a fascination to the beholder.

Incorporating stained glass window treatments into your home decor can quickly bring a touch of whimsy into your life.  'Moon Shine' invites one to dream.

Moon and star bevels surrounded by highly textured stained glass that changes colors depending on the direction of light.  When light shines upon the panel, it seems more like a cloudy day with more apparent blue tones.  When backlit, deeper grey/black clouds swirl around blue, rose, and purple tones.  Simply captivating.

Dimensions:  18.5" Round

Construction:  Copper foiled in the Tiffany style. The frame has been darkened to quickly age the zinc came.

Ships with 24" black chain.

Time to craft:  3-4 weeks



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